Yoga has scientifically been proven to improve physical and mental health. Through this course, we will wake the innate healing abilities within us, through geometrically progressive yoga asanas, using the rule of four breaths to relax and increase awareness of the body, as well as putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth for better energy (chi) circulation.

This isn't about how deep and complicated your poses are. Our sessions move beyond the focus on the body to explore what trully is happening within and how best to use the body to bring balance and harmony. Come as you are.

It's not just a physical workout

It's about your internal world

It's about the subtle energies

Kgotso (peace)

Welcome. Come and journey with us to the land of the wise. Come and experience the wisdom of ancient Kemet (today, Egypt), through a yoga and meditation course, specially designed to balance your Arusaats (chakras) and bring a holistic sense of being.